Home textile


We are a family business with
25 years of experience

We work primarily for Private Label and as producers of home textiles, we always seek to offer a quality service and solutions that adapt to the type of items our customers are looking for. The need to expand and internationalize PBP allowed us to open new horizons and conquer new markets.
The experience we have acquired over these 25 years has awakened a new need in us: that of creating our own brand, Pure Comfort. This brand enters the market with the objective of offering products of high quality and comfort.


Although we started taking the first steps in 1996, it was in 2011 that we emerged as PBP. Over the years, we have been combining experience with innovative and up-to-date design, to offer quality solutions tailored to each client.

Our team is able to monitor the entire production process, from the creation of the paper piece, to the choice of the best materials, ending with the development and manufacture of the products, all in order to guarantee a final result that expresses quality and professionalism. We materialize our customers’ ideas and inspire new ideas.


We believe that product differentiation is an asset in the market

We are inspired by the quality and differentiation of our raw materials to create collections tailored to our customers, always thinking about the contemporaneity of trends and the type of items that the customer is looking for.